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September 12, 2013
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Did you ever notice how beginnings come in series
And a wave of feelings you had never known?
This time around I was way too far from home
And every breeze threw me around like I was mad

Zero worries and I was just feeling fine
No missing home yet cause the wind was getting stronger
Going up mountains so that it would catch me higher
But gliding off there can't be done when it stops

And it blows no more
And it takes me back home
The wind of novelty is done
And I'm just so tired I've begun
To realise...

Did you ever notice how these endings come in series?
And this next wave is gonna crush you 'till you're naught
Mad is the one then who will fear it
And hide away under a rock

I'm more than glad to have my feet up in the air
And missing home is just a thing that I can live with
My blood and roots will always be there when I go
And so I'll sit here at the top of one more cliff

And it'll blow once more
And it'll take my mind home
The wind of novelty will come
And I'm just not worried, I've begun
To realise...

Did you ever notice how beginnings won't stop coming?
Hey =] I don't usually write much... But I've been getting more in touch with music and been carrying my journal all around with me, full of song lyrics and chords, it kind of made me want to try and write a song too.

I have been feeling like that lately, here in England. I've met very nice people and we made plans and had laughs together, but they've got their lives here and their friends from all their lives while they see me as someone who's only passing by... So it's been tough for me. Exactly like it says on the lyrics... Loads of beginnings and loads of endings that just crush me, while I was getting super excited about having someone new in my life as friends I'd take with me in my heart when I went home and would certainly try to come back to visit someday soon. I'm exhausted, to be honest... It's heartbreaking... But I'm not ready to give up and go home yet.
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LoveDoesNotExist Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, i like it. I know what you talk about. It's really metaphorical and all. 
ferdicamacho Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, you've been my friendly ear, haven't you? hehe glad you like it, Bram =]]
I recommend "Look at she" as a title.

Joking aside... I rather like it, Fer.
ferdicamacho Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
with all my love, fuck off :P hehehe

thanks, dear ^^
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