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Has the world finally beaten us?
I never wanted to be one of the normal people
I never thought I'd let myself be corrupted
But now look at me - I don't even feel I have the right to fight it anymore
It's all gone and done for
When all is said there'll be nothing left of who we were, will there?
I fear we'll give up believing we could be more than this
More than working bees part of a beehive
Just minlessly going about money-making routines
More than sorry asses moping about a great love lost because of normal people's mistakes
More than regretfull souls keeping our dreams and hopes in a drawer
Has the world finally beaten us?
I don't want to believe it.
I don't want us to become strangers
Painfully exchanging business related words
I need to see you and see that there is still some warmth left, some life and hunger for a great future still present inside us
As I lay here heartbroken, hardened, numb and vulnerable all at once
I want to find the friend I have in you
Someday maybe we'll forgive ourselves, maybe then we'll forgive each other too
I wonder, am I still worthy of a chance to be happy?
I feel I've smothered my true self as I tried shrinking the hurt I felt
Is this new being worth struggling with?
Every centimeter of me melts into surrender
As I lay here, I see no reason to get up at all
Am I still good for something?
Were we really that blind... That naive? As to think that there could be a chance to escape this dull future?
Was there really a point in trying to save our so-called special bonds...? Were they something outer worldly indeed? How foolish of us... We killed it all... Didn't we?
... Has the world really beaten us?
Here I am moping again about the end of an Era.
Lowered to the depths of hell
but, love, do not despair
I still wish you well
Though stay with you now I do not dare

All I wanted was for us to finally overcome our past
Forget the bad things, stop making mistakes
Don't dither, we'll figure these deep aches
Or is this gonna be a battle to everlast?

Whenever we would fight
I'd remember that that wasn't really the end
Cause we were deeply linked and, try as we might,
We couldn't, despite the pain, let go and not mend

Now I've been feeling sick to the core
Just glancing at that picture of us
That sweet and pure thing seems of old lore
And I can't forgive myself for my fault, and thus...

Love, we were selfish not to see
The other one could laugh while apart
And that wouldn't mean we wanted to be "free"
But we took each other's joy and left instead a bad mark

Why do we do this?
Do we not want the other one to be happy?
We should stop poisoning our memories
And understand that there is a us, a you and a me
The toughest blow
Humm... I'm not in my best of days, it feels like the whole future I had imagined for me has lost one of its most important foundations. I am now more seriously and deeply than ever heartbroken.


Fernanda Camacho
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

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